Tackling a Debt Crisis

Facing America's Debt Crisis

Jerry Yirenkyi, CEO of NextStep Financial, founded the company to help struggling people to regain control of their financial freedom. With over $1 trillion in revolving debt, Americans need help now more than ever, as Jerry sees it. Every client that we work with joins an extended family based in a deep level of care for a long lasting relationship.

The United States is known to run on debt while costs of living increase and wages stagnate. More and more Americans struggle to pay off their debts as what they owe keeps them in a vicious debt cycle. Millions of people are increasingly stuck in the red while the country on the whole experiences a debt epidemic.

The average credit card held by American households tops $16 thousand as more and more people pay daily expenses with this type of debt. Many struggle to pay for these basic necessities while ten percent of incomes are paying for non-mortgage debts. On top of this the average American has trouble coming up with $400 to $1,000 to cover emergency spending. Americans are then forced to pile on debt as hardships come up.

It is easy to see how this on the aggregate makes the debt crisis worse. This vicious cycle of debt is especially bad considering the interest Americans are paying with many struggling to make even their monthly minimum payments.
To save yourself from the debt crisis, ideally you should pay off your credit card balances in full every month. This helps you to reduce the amount of money wasted on these accounts. Money going toward interest would be better suited to invest in your financial future.

It is unfortunate that so many are stuck in a pattern of paying minimums that can leave them spending years attempting to resolve their debts. This is not an effective way to handle your debt.

Jerry Yirenkyi established NextStep Financial to help people out of this dire scenario. There is a smarter way. With our program, clients are able to resolve their debt burdens without the need for a good FICO score.

Take action now. NextStep Financial will help you explore your options for dealing with your debt. Our team can assist you in finding your way toward more financial freedom and a better future. Contact us today if you are part of the American debt crisis.