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Can I Settle a Debt for Less than I Owe?

The quick answer is: Yes! The whole goal of debt settlement to pay less than you owe and that is what all the debt settlement companies promise will happen.

It’s actually somewhat possible to do this yourself, but that could be very risky if you’re not experienced at driving a hard bargain. The creditor – or, more likely, the debt collection agency – has done this plenty of times and could use intimidating tactics to scare consumers into paying the full tab.

That’s where our debt settlement service stands out. We have enough experience not to be intimidated and to negotiate a settlement that will provide real savings and an opportunity to start over!


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You & Your Debt

Nearly every American – young or old – will deal with debt at some point. Debt often begins to accumulate during college with credit-card debt, then accumulates with car loans and student loans. Mortgages and medical bills may add more debt. Many times debt follows people into retirement. It's important to take a close look at how debt is affecting your life.

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